Something new…. Our 1st Photo Challenge

130828 MBPOTW-Wk1-Yawn

My Best Photo of the Week (MBPOTW) Challenge – week 1

Inspired by the great photos taken of Donna in We Live In A Flat (and the great story that is Donna and her journey) we are joining our 1st Photo Challenge. Here is Donna’s 1st Week Photo – Love the colours in it…

As a 1st World Dog and conscious of my image. This is not one of my greatest angles but it is a typical moment which with a quick thinking grab of the camera, mum managed to catch… Yawn. It was a lazy day where mum was busy working and I was enjoying the sun coming through the window.

Thanks for challenging us to try something new Donna.


14 thoughts on “Something new…. Our 1st Photo Challenge

  1. That yawns must be infectious… I’m feeling sleepy already! 😀

    By the way, you need to update you links so that it starts with “http://”. Right now the links for this post and the tips post are starting with “http//” (i.e. without the colon), so they are broken. Feel free to delete this comment 😉 when you’ve read it. Thanks!

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