A Sunday Stroll… Well a 20km Endurance Trial

Cutting to the chance… We Did It!

Up at the crack of dawn. Was wondering what was going on?


Should have known better when we had the bike with us…


But we had a great time.
– I stayed beside mum pretty much most of the time (better than any training ride we have done. Mum happy).
– if there was an award for toilet stops I would have won it (don’t mind me… I think it was becoming a laughing point for the rest of the group).
– lots of fun wildlife to look at (ducks, grass parrots, other strange duck type things, sheep) but I did good and listened to ‘leave it’.
– was very well behaved at all the vet checks and did quite like the girls from Sydney Uni Vet school who did the 4 checks before, during and after the trial and gave me lots of pats.


And then I got this piece of material… That I tried to chew.


13 thoughts on “A Sunday Stroll… Well a 20km Endurance Trial

    • There were some dicey moments Darcy with the ducks and swallows on the course. The Aussie Shepard in front of us was a real risk of doing zoomies.
      You would have lived it Darcy… So much running.

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