Anything for me?

Quite like when mum and I pop into our local cafe on route to go get toddler from kindy.

That time of day the other school kids are about. Particularly partial to the pats and “ahh isn’t he cute” from the girls from the local girl’s school. They give good pats.

And the food there is pretty good. I know mum thinks so and have to say when I do my best “please” face I usually get a little something.

130809 Anything for me

On a note about a dog not so lucky at the moment and an owner who clearly loves his dog. Local Facebook and now local media are trying to help find Masie. She is a cute looking Kelpie X who has been missing after she took off from Sydney Domestic Airport over a week ago. Here is the link to what she looks like and the owners details. We have been sharing via our Facebook pages (both mine and mum’s) but if you live in Sydney or know people who do, especially if they live in the Eastern suburbs or near the airport than please share. A 1st World Dog likes to see other dogs enjoying their creature comforts with their owners.



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