Sometimes I’m glad mum doesn’t have her camera

Simple stroll to postbox around the corner.


Sitting in middle of footpath.

Refuses to move.

I hide behind mum (yes I admit it).

Mum tries to get cat to move.

Cat hisses and lunges for me.

I yelped and go further back behind mum (no it didn’t touch me but this thing was evil).

Mum gives up too and we walk across the road to get past the cat.

My ego is bruised.

Cats are evil.

I am snuggling up with toddler’s Froggie and pretending it was all a bad dream.


5 thoughts on “Sometimes I’m glad mum doesn’t have her camera

  1. Cat’s are completely evil – my nemesis lives round the corner and asserted her authority early on with a scratch to my nosw. Take it from me – keep a wide berth and don’t try to make friends at all!!

    • With you Ruby. Why I hid behind mum very early in the piece.
      Neighbour’s cat has previously added air-conditioning vents to my nose.
      Yet they make us out to be the bad guys in the dog vs cat relationship…. I don’t think so.

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