Go weave

It’s Saturday morning, which normal means a little walk and then after breakfast we head to agility training. With a FULL day of agility tomorrow with our club trial we are missing training this morning. We went for a short run and then mum got the weave poles out so I could practice my weave entries.
(mum’s tried to make the photos look a bit arty cause with the iPhone they are all a bit blurry. We will have to get the good camera out and get some proper shots).




Of all the things I have learnt at agility, weaving is definitely the hardest. Everything else, like jumping stuff and going over and through stuff, are things I would do naturally. Running through a set of sticks alternating between them isn’t something I would normally do but love doing it now and it really makes me think. Oh… And always treats at the end when we are training weaves!

6 thoughts on “Go weave

  1. They aren’t the best weave poles around Donna but they are really easy to set up just about anywhere which is why they get used. Just packed them into the car ready for the agility trial tomorrow. Mum will probably get me to do a warm up through them a few times to get my brain working…. then I will probably completely miss the entry into the weave or skip the last couple in all the excitement of a trial when we get to our actual run.

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