Wake up call

Mum went out last night. She got home late. I know because I barked at her when she eventually came down the front steps. I let her have a bit of a sleep in but enough was enough. Time for wake up.

Came in. Checked from side of bed, hmmm see some life. Hop up and start with little getting a little scratch behind ear. No further movement seemed to be happening. Progress to lying on mum.


Again more scratches but no movement.

Walk over mum (sorry no photo… Was busy being careful where I stepped).

Don’t think this is looking promising.

Tried dad… Ahhh no hope. But no harm on lying on him and walking over him just in case.

Have compromised. Talk of Bayview after breakfast. Will do pats in bed and then adventure post breakfast.

These nights out compromising walks better not become a regular occurrence.

Might have to start training toddler as back up.


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