Morning Walk / Distraction Training

Our pleasant walk this morning was filled with my favourite things… NOT!

1st Casper (white cat) sat just staring from other side of street. Mum initially unaware of its presence. Soon made aware…. Sorry about your shoulder socket mum.



Then it was Brush Turkey. Mum more clued onto this and had me practicing walking at heel with stupid turkey strolling in front of us. Mum went through a lot of treats keeping my attention.


She even made me do a ‘sit – stay’ with turkey wandering around.

Think mum’s sanity this morning was saved by me being on lead (maybe her shoulder not so).


2 thoughts on “Morning Walk / Distraction Training

  1. Hope your mom’s shoulder’s better! Great pictures of you in action 1st world dog :p Donna has to sit-stay too when she’s too distracted. But she’s always recalcitrant and sits with her silly grin looking here and there or at whatever is distracting her.

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