Brush Turkey vs 1st World Dog (and Miss Poppy)

I heard bark and commotion down the back. I raced out to see what was going on. Was very impressed to discover Miss Poppy (the pup next door) has displaced a brush turkey from her backyard. Way to go Pops!!!

Brush turkey invasions are a continual issue in our neighbourhood. A friend of mums once had the problem of a brush turkey building a nest in her garden. She asked mum how we deal with them… Mum had a one word response ‘Bodhi’.

So I’m impressed that Poppy has taken to brush turkey management with gusto.

What I do need to cover off is how we deal with them when they are in the tree on the otherside of the fence. Mum less than impressed at my prolonged ‘communication’ with brush turkey to move on.






4 thoughts on “Brush Turkey vs 1st World Dog (and Miss Poppy)

    • I think these ones are in for a rude shock and Poppy is really going to need to step up. Poppy’s kids have named them (Trevor and Gloria) and they have been allowed to roam around the backyard for a while without consequence. Was very frustrating for a long time when they would strut around on the other side of the fence… atleast now I have help in my mission to keep them out of the backyard. They have a whole bushland to hang out in!!!

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