A fun morning run

Mum & I went for an awesome morning run this morning. Gorgeous weather so perfect for a nice long run together.


Feeling motivated after a conversation about the upcoming endurance trial with one of the other people at agility training yesterday, mum wanted to make sure we covered all terrains.

So after a bit of a road run we headed up to the golf course and ran around the back of that (lots of rabbits… Not fair I was on lead through the golf course).


Then onto the bush track. Mum thinks it is unfair I have four legs to help me up hills (less photos mum and more running might help).


I love running along the track and all the smells.


Got to have a quick dip in the creek.


And then the home run….


Pretty happy. 6.5kms all up according to the thingy on mum’s phone.

Now, just when she thinks she has tired me out, time for a game of ball….


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