Endurance Training….

Mum has entered us (yep we get to do it together) in something called an Endurance Trial in a couple if weeks time. New thing for both of us so we will figure it out along the way. But importantly she knows we need to cover 20km (split into 3 sections) together. So training to make sure (we… Yes mum too) can make the whole 20km is on mum’s agenda at the moment.

So this morning we headed out with mum on the bike and me running. We did a good little-ish run / ride. What makes me laugh is we get home and mum thinks I will be tired and happy to lie around…. Ah nope! Ball time!!!


6 thoughts on “Endurance Training….

    • Thanks Donna. Still a few weeks away and we have an agility trial prior so will keep you updated. Mum’s pretty confident I can do it… I think the challenge will be for her to ride the 20km.

    • Nah… I drive mum nuts. She thinks she has worn me out and then we get home and want to play ball. In saying that about this time of night I get very comfy on the lounge and don’t really like to move (and known to snore). Zzzzzzz

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