I tawt I taw a tweety bird….

I did, I did taw a tweety bird….. AND WHAT IS IT DOING ON MY DECK!!!

Hmmmm…. Went out onto the deck today (sun was shining and thought I would get some winter sun by lying out on the table) when I saw this random thing on the deck. Then it made noise… IT TWEETED!!!!!

1307 Tweety 2

I get a lot of birds on MY deck. Generally I am not a fan. Mum gives them food which I could be eating… ok seed isn’t my favourite thing but anyway or the magpies try to steal my food. But given this tweeter is in a cage and mum seems to be taking care of it I think it is staying. As long as it doesn’t go taking my food and it isn’t too noisy when I am napping out in the sun on the deck we may be able to exist together.

1307 Tweety 1

1307 Tweety 3

2 thoughts on “I tawt I taw a tweety bird….

    • Hi Donna – yes it is a parrot but hopefully mum has learnt her lesson. The toddler has been taught to talk and “Bodhi Come”, “Bodhi Sit”, “Bodhi Stop” are getting very annoying for a 1st World Dog. I will not be taking commands from a bird!

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