Puppy love… Well maybe not

For about the last 10 weeks I have been getting to know my new neighbour.

Little Miss Poppy came and joined the neighborhood and as the dog that shares a fence line it has been my job to keep her in line. (Hawks down the street just comes down with his fluffy tail to flirt).

She has finally grown big enough that she no longer squeezes through the fence but it means she gets to stay outside all day and can come down to the fence whimper that she wants to come over and play. Today mum felt sorry for her and helped her over. Hmmmm…..

Rule #1… My tennis ball is MY tennis ball. I would like to point out how patient I was when she stole my tennis ball in an attempt to get me to play. Nice try pups…. The moment she wasn’t concentrating I stole it back.

Stay tuned for more on my training of Miss Poppy. I am taking my role as the older dog seriously in a big brother kinda role.



One thought on “Puppy love… Well maybe not

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