Places to sleep when you are a 1st World Dog

Being a 1st World Dog I have certain expectations as to where I sleep.

For the record mum…

This does NOT cut it!!!!

I know it is a nice crate and it works well as a place for me to have some quite time when we are off at trials, but it does not cut it as a place to sleep all night. Yep the blankets were a nice touch but they were really just trying to disguise the larger issue…. its not inside on a lounge or bed.

So that was our overnight stay last night at Nana & Pop’s so we could go to the agility trial today… Now I am back home and all is right in the 1st World Dog world.


And I assume you learnt your lesson mum with my whinging all night. I do appreciate you came down at 3.30am to let me out for a toilet break. I assume you will appreciate the uninterrupted sleep tonight as I settle down on the lounge.

One thought on “Places to sleep when you are a 1st World Dog

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