Strange foam thing in my backyard

Happily playing fetch with mum this afternoon in my backyard. Bringing the ball up to the back deck and was confronted by this strange thing….

Did my best dangerous dog growl and bark at it (even had to put my ball down to do a proper growl)…..


Went carefully in for a closer look….


Started to sneak up on it (I’m very brave)….


Slightly disappointed to discover it was foam from the washing machine….


But it really did look scary and I was just protecting mum and my house from what could have been a scary foam monster. (Watched the 80’s movie Ghostbusters with mum once… That foam could have been Stay Puft Marshmellow Man coming back through our drain).


And thanks for your support mum… Laughing at me while I am being a brave dog is not good for my ego.

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