My exciting weekend adventure….

Well this weekend was supposed to be exciting. A sleep over at Nana and Pops (with Mum and Toddler), then an agility training day out at Canine Fun Sports and then my 2nd ever agility trial on Sunday….

Hmmmm… My highlight so far has been the leftover of Toddlers yoghurt.


Yep sleepover was ‘interesting’. Outside and laundry are NOT how a 1st World Dog hangs out. I had my crate, which is fabric, mesh and wool floor, but it’s all relative to my lounge.

There was enough of a break in the rain for me to get to play ball for a bit and even got to meet the post lady. Post lady was super nice. She came up the driveway, played ball with me and then even have me some dog bickies. Go Postie!!!

And that is where the weekend fun has ceased. Training cancelled. Agility trial cancelled.

Over this rain…. Back to napping on the lounge.



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