1st World Dog tests out Bowen Therpy

With all the recent talk of me playing limbo mum decided to check that there wasn’t a physical reason I was choosing to go under vs over jumps. I think a little over reactive from mum but I’m not complaining with how she has addressed it. Mum is a bit of a fan of alternative medicines etc and that extends to my care too. Not only do I get a daily capsule in my food to help look after my joints but today, and perfect on a rainy day I have to say, a friend who we train with came to give me a massage type thing, called Bowen Therapy, but I’m not really interested in the detail, I just enjoyed the experience. After some initial greeting (ie welcomed her with my tennis ball and got some lovely pats) she got me to stand while she gave me a kinda massage. Ohhhh it was good! Especially my hamstrings which were feeling a bit tight. Paws Up Mum and Paws Up Jacky. Big fan and now mum says I need to rest up for the day and not do too much. Raining again outside so mum not keen on playing ball and me running in the mud, so better get back to my nap.

1306 Post Bowen

1306 Post Bowen 2

7 thoughts on “1st World Dog tests out Bowen Therpy

    • So while you were out there in your wet weather gear what was Ruby doing? I hope she had the opportunity to enjoy the wonderful mud being created by this weather and leave it on her so she could soak up the benefit of a good mud bath on her fur for the entire morning.

      • She had a lot of fun – loves wet weather – she was rolling on her back, digging in muddy potholes, splashing through huge puddles with other dogs. Always forgets she has a cold outdoor hosing when she gets home (poor thing) 🙂

      • Oh Ruby’s mum… you need to do what my mum does (well sometimes)… take her in the shower with you. Nice warm water. I really am a 1st World Dog :o)
        But better still…. let her enjoy the mud. It’s good for her fur… you said it yourself in “http://rubytheblacklabrador.wordpress.com/2013/06/12/ruby-at-the-beautician/”

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