Seriously handlers.. get your act together

Some pointers for mum….. Painful Moments from Agility WC 2010.

So these people are at the World Cup so are serious about this jumping thing. Some brilliant moves from the dogs in there. Handlers need to stop tripping over jumps and getting in the way.

1306 Agility WC Trips

Particularly like the audience interaction at the very end.

My personal fav is audience participation with sausages.

I do think what was missing however was a bit of Doggie Limbo… the untapped sport in this who agility thing.

2 thoughts on “Seriously handlers.. get your act together

    • I think so too Ruby. Especially as I have the ability to go over one, under the next and so forth. I think it is very clever of me although I think it frustrates mum more as she never quite knows what I will do next.

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