Rough morning… And I think mum is on side

So for anyone who didn’t catch my Facebook post this morning… It got to about 8am and I went back to bed until everyone else settled….

Now in the cool of the evening after the day improved I have found the following texts between mum and neighbour (checking out her phone after she has gone to bed). It seems that there was plenty of discussion about the morning, some background to the cat issue from last night and I think mum is on side.

So it goes like this:
Mum “Cat fighting noise outside our place. Your cats ok? Bods inside asleep on lounge…. Probably couldn’t hear it over his own snoring” (1stWD: not sure about the tone of that last comment mum!)

Neighbour “Cat has just returned. There is a cat that comes down from next street and monsters anything it can. My Cat fights him off. Glad Bods got his priorities right… As did my lot” (1stWD: yeah neighbour support and of course my mates)

Mum (the next morning): “Cat and Bods just had ‘a moment’ down beside the house. Think Cat put Bods in his place based on sound from Bods as he came shooting out of bushes (with Cat coming out after him… Go Cat!). No physical damage to Bods (probably just his ego) but check Cat ok”

Neighbour: Cat hoeing into a big feed after his joust. No blood on claws so must have been kind to Bods. Cat now settling in for what he thinks is a well earned groom and kip now 1st World Dog sorted. The 3 Amigos had alerted me to the earlier ruckus by leaping on the bed to wake me – they must have been confused who to support.”

Neighbour: “Alert: Warrior Cat has decided on a very short rest and clearly refreshed from earlier sortie has headed back out. Suggest keeping Bods inside.

Mum: ” Bods being belted up by toddler (she has woken up on wrong side of bed and Bods getting in trouble for even breathing too close to her) …. It’s proving to be a tough morning for 1st World Dog.”

Neighbour: “Suggest a good nap is in order till toddler and Cat have settled”

And that is exactly what I did (pic on my Facebook page)…… Waited for everyone just to settle down before continuing the day with some ball throwing.

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