Walking and running is easy… You should see when mum is on the bike!

Had a laugh at this one….

But this looks way to easy. Mum has decided we are doing this thing called an Endurance Trial in a couple of months. Essentially it involves us (read ‘us’… Mum and and I together connected by a lead) on a 20km journey. This said journey has 3 legs (8 km / 6 km / 6km) but even still mum has decided that she isn’t up for running it with me (she claims she used to do these distances but doesn’t have time now with me and the toddler around). So mum is going to ride her bike along beside me. Well can I just say training has been fun! Mum re-learning (a bit like the running thing… stuff she used to do before me and the toddler) to change gears on the bike (thankfully she figured out the brakes quickly) and getting her balance with a lead in one hand. But the highlight I have to say was when we were almost home the other day and a brush turkey walked across the road in front of us…. What was I supposed to do???

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