Helping Mum….

What I am learning is that humans have stuff that help them. Mums big on decluttering (esp my tennis balls laying in the middle of the floor) so I have found ways she can declutter because she has me and doesn’t need stuff.
– Alarm clock – why have a machine that beeps at you when I can jump on the bed and step on her. Walking over mum in bed seems to be far more effective than a beeping sound (although dad seems immune to both me and the beeps)
– Door bell – again why have something that makes a noise when you have me? I can hear someone coming from top of driveway which gives me ample time to run from wherever I am napping to the front door and bark so mum knows there is someone there.
– Compost bin / vacuum cleaner (anything that holds / cleans up food) – my area of specialty. Absolutely no reason to cry about split milk in this house…. just say “Bods” and I am there to clean it up.

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