1st World Dog in need of an agent!

1st World Dog becoming famous

So mum keeps taking me to these shows… Trials, competitions, demos. Getting me to do stuff. It started with this Rally O thing. The obedience stuff of sit, drop, stay, come…. You know the stuff I’m talking about. We started off with me being on lead and it turns out we (well really me… All she has to do is read these little signs on the ground that they keep putting in the way of where we are walking and translate them for me) were pretty good. So I got a couple of pretty ribbon things. So now mum thinks we are good enough to do things off lead and she has taken me to an agility trial. So much fun! Get to run, jump, race through tunnels. Heaps of cool stuff. But what I have noticed is that there tends to be people watching and even people with cameras taking photos (I went up especially close to the camera during something called Open Jumping at a trial the other day… Mum wasn’t too excited about me doing that as I think she wanted me to be running around the course). So with the audience and the photos I think this 1st World Dog is going to need an agent to look after my interests.


2 thoughts on “1st World Dog in need of an agent!

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