What is this “doghouse” you speak of?

Mum and Dad keep mentioning this place called a doghouse. It sounds horrible!!!

The mention of it seems to happen a lot more on rainy days when I’m bored and trying to find things to do. I don’t know if there is some sort of correlation or if it is some sort of punishment.

On the plus side it does sound like a place that I can escape from the toddler (toddler equally bored on a rainy day and thinks dressing me up and launching herself on me is a good idea). They tell me I would have a blanket to keep warm. A blanket??? This does not sound as comfy and warm as sleeping on the end of the bed or on the lounge (lounge quite good if I want more space to myself). It also sounds a bit boring. I am guessing they wouldn’t put a TV in there for me (I do quite like watching TV especially the tennis with all those tennis balls being hit around).

Will have to be wary of this I think. The Pros and Cons seem to stack on the side of Cons from my perspective.

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