Vet Visit…. Need I Say More

Am I really that different? Am I really that 1st World? Seriously who likes to be prodded, have cold things poked up their rear, squirty stuff put in their nose and ears, needles in the back. A treat at the end just ain’t gonna cut it! And that was my day. Mum sat on the floor with me and was no help. Vet walked in room and I hid behind her…..she laughed (turns out Mum and the Vet are friends). Mum convinces me to come around in front and sit (training trick #6) via a treat from her pocket but then holds onto me so Vet can start the prodding process. Thank goodness this is a once a year thing and it is so not 1st World Dog to be a sook and not enjoy the process of prodding and poking.

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