The Bitch

So I have this mate right. He lives a couple of doors down and most afternoon our mums take us out to my front yard and we.. well do boy dog stuff. You know… chase each other around, rumble on the ground, mum throws the ball I fetch it and my mate hangs off my ears or tail as I run back (I’m a gundog and he is a herder – we play our breeds well). So all normal the other evening and then SHE walks past. Yep… the BITCH. A pretty white little poodle named Lulu. And my mate ditches me. He goes and flirts. A bit of a sniff and play bow and the next thing I know they are playing little chasings on my front lawn. Here I am left standing and holding my tennis ball in my mouth while they play their little game. Hmmmm….. he is a pup… He will learn.

One thought on “The Bitch

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