Dogs Can’t Fly…. or Climb Trees….

It was up the tree. I know it was. I scared it from where it was sitting under the bushes and saw it run up the tree. I could smell it up there.

Barked… It wouldn’t move. Bark more… Still not moving. Lots and lots more barking… Still not moving. Grrr… Move to different spot and bark more. Still not moving. Get to highest point closest to it… Up on the rock. Stand on back legs. Bark more at much closer position… Still not moving.

Mum yelling at me to come inside. Mum coming with lead to take me back inside… If I am going to get it this is my last chance….. Take up position on rock… Stop barking for a moment to regain breath and steady myself…. LAUNCH… oUch!!!

Dogs can’t fly or climb trees or try to use flying to launch themselves at tree, cling on and scurry up tree. Nope dogs can’t fly or climb trees.

Taken on lead and back into house. It won (for now).

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