Introducing Myself

So mum says I’m spoilt… but seriously being a dog in this household is hard work.

Firstly let me introduce myself… I’m Bodhi. A Spanador. A designer dog I am told. I’m 2.5yrs old in human years… although feel like I have aged more in the last 18mths as will be revealed as you continue reading.

Yes my family… mum, dad and the toddler… all human. They love me lots and that’s really nice but it is tough being the dog in this family.

Let me explain via a normal day…

5am… bark at the milkman.

6am… go jump on the bed to get mum up for our run.

7am… home from run and toddler gets out of bed. Also my breakfast time (you will note food is important… I am part labrador).

8am… toddler finishes breakfast. Important to be around for any leftovers.

9am… ride along in the car to take toddler to kindy.

rest of the day mum works from home so move from lounge to floor of her office napping. Bring a tennis ball in when I want to play. Chase birds and bark at random stuff.

About 4pm… we head up to pick up toddler.

5pm… toddler dinner. Be at ready for leftovers.

6pm… commence napping on lounge for the evening.

So as you can see…. it is a very busy day. So this is just my intro but stay tuned for more of my day to day dilemmas as a 1st World Dog.

Bodhi Oooo

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